Energy is a principal input for our operations as well as the principal end use of our products. As a company that operates entirely in California, California Resources Corporation (CRC) works hard to implement the state’s goals with respect to energy conservation, efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions. Our 2030 Sustainability Goals regarding water, methane, carbon capture and sequestration and integration of renewable energy are directly linked to state goals and include specific quantitative targets. They demonstrate our long-term investment in advancing the state’s social, economic and environmental objectives by increasing local energy production under California’s world-leading safety, labor, human rights and environmental standards.

CRC champions a diverse mix of in-state energy sources because we recognize locally produced oil and natural gas sources complement and enable renewable sources. These sources work best in tandem, since an all-of-the-above local energy supply:

  • Underpins affordability and reliability, particularly for working families and disadvantaged communities
  • Honors consumer choice by residents and businesses from all parts of the state
  • Encourages businesses and employer to locate in California and hire and invest in Californians
  • Enables efficient use of existing infrastructure and complementary land use in longstanding oil and gas fields
  • Maximizes overall energy efficiency
  • Promotes California’s history of innovation and technology development
  • Welcomes global investors by harnessing market forces instead of arbitrary government mandates
  • Provides energy security against global turmoil, price spikes and transportation disruptions
  • Increases our resiliency to recover from natural or human-caused disasters.

Accordingly, CRC opposes proposals that seek to restrict the forms of energy produced or used in California, to limit consumer choices and technology development in the energy sector, to artificially inflate the cost of energy for residents and businesses, or to make Californians even 更多 dependent on imported energy, all of which we believe would only exacerbate growing income inequality and energy poverty for California’s working families and disadvantaged communities.