Wefarm lets me share my passion and expertise for organic farming 英雄联盟赛事投注

so that other farmers can see there are great alternatives to pesticides and GMO use.


Daniel has been farming for many years and has always strived to find new ways to improve his farm. He is also an organic farming expert. Keen to share his knowledge, he regularly helps neighbouring farmers with their issues. But he could never reach farmers from the other side of the valley, let alone the other side of Africa. Until now.

With Wefarm, Daniel’s wealth of knowledge and experience can help farmers worldwide. So far, he has answered hundreds of questions, and enabled farmers to solve problems, learn 关于 organic farming and innovate on their own farms.

For example, he has shared simple advice 关于 how to control pests without using pesticides. In the picture above he is demonstrating how he has advised fellow farmers to use fermented animal urine mixed with ash to control pests in many types of crops.

He has also explained to other farmers how to make organic manure by tapping water from a stream and channelling it to a pond or pit before mixing in grass and ash and keeping it in a large container for 30 days. This water can then be channelled to crops using an irrigation system like the one he has built from bamboo trees. This technique is particularly useful during dry spells.

Daniel loves Wefarm’s network because he is able to share his passion for organic farming with others and also learn 关于 new farming practices.