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      Motion Math: Cupcake! Edu and our Classroom Cupcake ContestS10官方竞猜网站

      by Jacob on April 21, 2015

      Today we’ve released the classroom version of our new game: Motion Math: Cupcake! Edu. Students create their own cupcake delivery business, learning about the coordinate system, unit rates, pricing, and diverse word problems. (More details on the game and relevant standards here.) Plus, Cupcake! Edu connects to your Motion Math teacher dashboard so you can […]

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      Delicious! Motion Math: Cupcake has arrivedS10官方竞猜网站

      by Jacob on April 16, 2015

      Our new game Motion Math: Cupcake! has just launched on the App Store! We’ve taken the concept of building a business, which kids loved in Motion Math: Pizza!, and added even more rich math. Players grow a cupcake delivery shop by buying ingredients, designing and pricing cupcakes, solving diverse word problems, and delivering to customers […]

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      Yes! Cool! I did it! Look!S10官方竞猜网站

      by Jacob on March 26, 2015

      We recently participated in the NYC Innovation Zone’s Short Cycle Challenge, piloting the Motion Math Educator in the 4th grade classrooms of teachers Helen Bruno-Raccuia, Jackie Hickman, and Cris Curatolo of P.S. 30 Westerleigh School in Staten Island. Here, Helen describes our collaboration: Thank you Helen, Jackie, Cris, and your students for all your great […]

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      Free Pilot Program for EducatorsS10官方竞猜网站

      by Brendan Appold on December 16, 2014

      Exciting news: if you give us regular feedback, you can pilot the full Motion Math: Educator game suite and dashboard for free this school year! Sign up here. In September, our team released the Motion Math: Educator, which bundles all of our games into one iPad app and provides a dashboard for teachers to monitor […]

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      From Entreé to Spice: the Promise of AssessmentS10官方竞猜网站

      by Coram on November 3, 2014

      (note: this post appeared on the Common Sense Media blog) The rapid ascent of digital technology in education presents a singular opportunity to transform assessment. With the capacity to capture student learning in a variety of ways, and in minute detail, educational technologies can engage students with authentic learning while simultaneously providing teachers with rich, formative […]

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      Games and Learning on the Motion Math: EducatorS10官方竞猜网站

      by Jacob on October 2, 2014

      Lee Banville from interviewed us about the Motion Math: Educator launch with good questions about our reasons for focusing on teachers.

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      Introducing the Motion Math Educator!S10官方竞猜网站

      by Jacob on October 1, 2014

      Big news: we’ve just launched the Motion Math Educator, our classroom solution. What is the Educator? First, it’s access to all our delightful iPad elementary games: Fractions, Zoom, Hungry Fish, Wings, Questimate, Match, and Pizza, plus two new games we’ll add this school year. Second, the Educator is the answer to many questions we’ve heard […]

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      Refer us your talented friends!S10官方竞猜网站

      by Jacob on July 29, 2014

      Help us hire a great teammate and we’ll donate Pi Thousand dollars – that’s right, $3,141.59 – to your favorite charity. Check out our careers page for current positions, then introduce us to a candidate. If we hire them (and they stay with us for 90 days), we will happily send you $πk.

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      Is this your dream job?S10官方竞猜网站

      by Jacob on

      Do you love teachers, math, and creating customer satisfaction? Consider applying for our Director of Teacher Success position. Know someone who does? Send them our way for our Pi Thousand Dollar reward.

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      DragonBox ElementsS10官方竞猜网站

      by Jacob on May 15, 2014

      Yesterday WeWantToKnow released their long-awaited geometry game DragonBox Elements, inspired by Euclid’s treatise. Elements is, quite clearly, one of the greatest learning games ever. The game features puzzles that visualize the steps of geometric proofs, well-paced tutorials and leveling, an integrated simple story, and beautiful animations. Don’t take our word for it – check it […]

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